A Data Layer is an object located in the web page code. Web page owners or webmasters use this object to collect and pass information to 3rd party vendors.

For example, the Concertified (concert ticket site) webmaster wants to pass the total purchase price, the concert ID, number of tickets purchased, and order ID to the Sizmek Ad Suite. The data layer structure in this case might look like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
var concert_data = {
    "purchaseAmount": "200.00",
    "concertID": "1234",
    "numTickets": "4",
    "orderID": "H123isasd23456fdgadSD"
} </script>      

To collect data from a data layer object with the tag manager and use it in the Sizmek Ad Suite, you only need the data layer name defined in the tag manager setup.

For more information, see Work with Tag Managers.

In our example, the Sizmek Ad Suite user that manages Concertified's tag manager, will define the data layer name in the Concertified tag manager as concert_data.

Once the data layer name is defined, the user can create variables of type data layer and use them in a conversion activity, retargeting activity, or in an activity rule.

There are several ways to create a variable in the Sizmek Ad Suite:

For more information about user variables (including the data layer type), see Work with Tag Manager Variables.

For more information about the standard definition for data layer by W3C®. , click here.

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