Tag Manager is a secure code block, which prevents malicious code from executing on the client's website.

  • Tag Manager offers the highest levels of encryption and security. Sizmek employs data security measures across the infrastructure. Tag Manager is as secure, if not more secure, than any other tag management solution or tags that are available in the advertising space.

  • Sizmek is a listed member of the NAI (the Network Advertising Initiative) and must adhere to very clear principals and guidelines. Our membership of the NAI is listed clearly on the NAI website.

    As a member, Sizmek must follow standards of responsible business and data management practices with respect to the collection and use of data for Interest-Based Advertising. The most recent revision to the NAI in 2013, imposes notice, transparency, choice, and data security requirements on NAI member companies. Sizmek must adhere to the NAI Code through a rigorous compliance and enforcement program that includes annual reviews, ongoing technical monitoring, mechanisms for accepting and investigating complaints of non-compliance, and sanction procedures.

  • Sizmek has placed tags on hundreds of secure sites ranging from retailers to financial institutions.

  • For added security, it is possible to prevent 3rd party activities from accessing content on your page by setting the Tag Manager configuration to an iFrame.

  • You can set permissions so that users can only define conversion and retargeting activities and not 3rd party activities.

  • Sizmek can provide logins so that clients can inspect the tag setup.

  • You can use Sizmek<noscript> code to prevent any tag manager-related JavaScript code, such as 3rd party scripts, from running on your page.


    Note: You will have to provide all of the variables to the <noscript> code. For more information, see Work with Tag Managers.

  • If you want to prevent the Sizmek Tag Manager from accessing your page content, you can implement the Tag Manager code in an iFrame.


    Note: This action will suppress some Tag Manager capabilities. For example, you need to pass variables that you want to use to the iFrame, and CSS selectors from the parent page are not supported.

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