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Important: To activate this feature, please contact your customer success manager


Note: This feature is protected by the following permission:

  • Tag Manager - Allow server to server calls


There are times when a Sizmek client wants to track conversions or be able to re-target users, but it is impossible to use the Tag Manager JavaScript (JS) code for these tasks.

For example, it is not possible to use the Tag Manager JS code in a mobile app, but a client would like to track users who have seen Sizmek ads for a particular app, and then installed the app. In cases like these, we can establish a process by which a server implements code to call the Sizmek server directly, similar to an API call. In this example, the server that calls Sizmek Tag Manager is a server that belongs to an app attribution vendor like AppsFlyer or Tune.

Define and Use the Tag Manager for Server to Server


  1. Create a tag manager.

  2. In the Developer's tab, verify that the check box for server to server calls is enabled.

  3. Verify that the server that calls the Sizmek server does not send a User-Agent in the request header.

    • If the server sends a User-Agent and is listed in the IAB whitelist, Sizmek will process the call.

    • If the server sends a User-Agent and is not listed in the IAB whitelist, it is considered a bot and will be dropped.

The following is an example of the URL that is used in a server-to-server call:[tag_manager_id]&dispType=js&sync=0&pageurl=[URL_provided_by_vendor]&activityValues=$$[activity_values]$$&acp=$$[conditional_parameter]$$&ns=1&ebaddid=[advertising_device_id]&rnd=[unix time stamp]&usercookie=u2=[sizmek_user_ID_received_on_the_click_event]

The code must include either a device ID (ebadid) or user cookie (usercookie=u2=X).

For more information about device tokens, see Adding Tokens to URLs .

For more information about activity values, see <noscript> Mode.


To prevent potential problems, verify that:

  • User-Agent is either on the whitelist or is not sent at all.

  • IP address of the sending server is not on the blacklist. Contact Sizmek Support to confirm the IP address.

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