• Admin > Account > [Account_name] > Custom Fields


Important: This feature is protected by the following permission:

  • Edit Advanced Account Settings


Note: For more information about working with custom fields, see Work with Custom Fields.


Note: The custom fields feature replaces the existing ad and placement classifications in the Sizmek MDX2.0 platform and extends classification capabilities. To enable custom fields for your account, please contact your customer success manager.

Custom fields enable you to add custom metadata, either text or choice lists, to multiple entities in your account. Custom fields that you create are automatically saved to your account, and you can select whether to display the custom field on the entity page in the Settings section.

In addition, you can choose to make a custom field mandatory. For example, you might want to ensure that custom metadata is included in all of your campaigns. Selecting the Required Field check box will require traffickers to add this metadata before saving a campaign.

You can use the custom fields that you create in the following ways:

  • As a filter when customizing the view in an entity list.

  • As a token on click-through tags and 3rd party events. You can append a custom field token to your click-through and 3rd party events. During serving, the token is replaced with custom field data. This enables you to pass custom field data to any 3rd party tracking and data platform.

  • As a new level of aggregation, or as additional metadata or reporting level in Sizmek reporting. For example, adding custom fields named "Camry" and "Corolla" would enable you to analyze reports or unique metrics according to these categories.


Note: You cannot use custom fields in tracking ad units.

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