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Publishers require that In-Stream ads be configured according to specific settings when running In-Stream ads run on their sites. Instead of individually defining these settings for each In-Stream ad on the site, you can select a built-in Sizmek In-Stream template that contains the most common settings or configure your own templates to meet specific site requirements. Sizmek provides two predefined base In-Stream templates that comply with the main industry standards, VAST 1.0 and VAST 2.0/3.0. The latter is set to by default to VAST 2.0 but can be easily changed to support VAST 3.0. These templates are saved as the VAST.XML files on the platform.

Building In-Stream Templates

In-Stream templates are configured internally by the Custom Development team at Sizmek within the Configuration Main menu in the platform.

The platform supports the following in-stream template types:

  • Base Templates: The system offers two pre-defined base templates: VAST1.0 and VAST2.0/3.0. These templates include a set of pre-defined settings that comply to most industry standards and are generated as a VAST.XML. The default is set to VAST2.0.

  • Custom XSLT: In some cases non-standard XMLs are required to be defined for sites that are not compatible with VAST standards. A custom In-Stream template is a set of rules specific to the page where an ad is going to play. Custom In-Stream templates are based on XSLT files, which define the structure of the in-stream XML and the name of the ad loader (Shell) that runs the ad within the player. Settings defined in the custom XSLT override the base template settings for that specific site.

  • User-defined Base Templates: You also have the option to create a new base template without selecting a base template. In this case your template will be get an Ad.XML as it’s input, and will generate an In-Stream XML (VAST or any other standard).

Configuring Specific In-Stream Site Rules


Important: If you have live/current ads using the template, manually save the placement ad on the placement level to apply changes.

Due to changes in site section specifications, you may need to modify the values assigned to variables defined in your in-stream templates to meet the site's requirements. These changes are applied only to the section and override values defined in the your custom or base template. For more information, see REFERENCE: Site Setup Settings.

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