The Media Rating Council (MRC) requires Sizmek to encourage advertisers and agencies to provide information about their traffic sourcing arrangement types:

  • purchased traffic

  • assigned traffic in the system

This information helps Sizmek perform periodic invalid traffic risk assessments to ensure that our client’s campaigns are not materially affected by GIVT. In addition, MRC in-scope metrics provide the expected level of quality.

This information can be also used by advertisers and agencies to evaluate the efficiency of their campaigns based on traffic-source arrangements available in Sizmek reporting.

This article shows a step-by-step approach to classify and report on traffic sourcing arrangements.

  1. From Admin > Accounts, select your account.

  2. Select Custom Fields.

  3. Click + and complete the Field Name and Type Settings as follows:

  4. Click Save.

  5. From your Media Plan > Placements, select the specific placement.

  6. In the Settings > Custom tab, select the appropriate Traffic Sourcing for your placement.

  7. Click Save.

  8. After completing the classification for all of your placements, review the entire table for correctness.

  9. From Analytics > New Aggregated Reports, select the Dimensions tab.

  10. Select the Custom Fields dimension and select Placement - Traffic Sourcing.

  11. Define all other required fields, dimensions, and metrics for your report.

  12. Click Save & Run.

  13. Check your email for the report details.

  14. Insect your Traffic Sourcing report. For example:

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