Ad discrepancies, or conflicts between publishers and advertisers because of data mismatch, can be quite complex. When measuring impressions, many factors such as website load time, user interaction, or the use of ad-blockers can attribute to discrepancies.


Discrepancies occur due to the implementation of various tools, formulas, and techniques when calculating analytics data. The following sections describe some of the more common causes in which discrepancies occur between Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS) and publishers.


Common Causes of Discrepancies

Reporting discrepancies are common and expected when using multiple systems to measure campaign delivery. Investigating discrepancies while the campaigns are still running is strongly encouraged because when a campaign ends, there are fewer troubleshooting options available to perform.


Common causes of discrepancies include the following:

  • Improper implementation of tags and cache-busters

  • Differences in the definition of an impression/click

  • Differences in filtering methodologies for invalid impressions or clicks

  • Invalid comparisons of reports

Before you begin investigating, verify that both reports:

  • Cover the same date range

  • Uses the same time zone

  • Include the same campaign placement or ad

  • Includes both gross and filtered numbers

When comparing deliveries recorded by two different systems, it is common to see variances of up to 10% for display campaigns served on desktops and up to 20% are often observed for mobile and in-app served campaigns for the reasons provided above.


Common Causes Explanation


Contact Support

If you do not find an explanation for the discrepancy from the self-service test results, and you would like to request a formal investigation, please ensure that discrepancies are more than 10% and compared daily deliveries are greater than 1000 impressions and 10 clicks. To speed up the investigation, please prepare the following information when reaching out to your client services manager or support.


  • Publisher daily delivery data broken down by placement

  • Original and publisher-modified placement tags and placement IDs
  • Live page (or a test page that replicate the live implementation)

  • Ad server of the site

  • Technical contact information for the publisher or application experiencing the discrepancy

  • Time zone of the reports

  • Counting methodology of the 3rd party or site - how they define impression, click, or conversion

Please provide this information in the Discrepancy Worksheet and contact your client services manager or our support team (

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