What is Netbox?

Netbox is the media consultants digital advertising campaign manager for the Italian market. NetBox supports planning, management, booking, buying, operations, and invoice controlling for digital campaigns. It allows the end user to input and update media plans’ composition and economics, organize both desired and financial schedules, analyze Audiweb navigation data ranking sites and networks, and estimate GRPs and R&F for each media plan. NetBox also allows continue all checking, booking, buying, verifying, trafficking, and tracking operations through dedicated functions.

NetBox is part of the AdBox suite that offers similar functionalities for each media through the tools TvBox, RadioBox, PressBox, MovieBox, and AffiBox. These tools are joined and share the same database structure so customers can manage, analyze, and report single media as cross media campaigns activities.

What is Required to Integrate with Netbox?

  • A Sizmek by Amazon account that is fully migrated to Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS)

  • API user and API key

  • Sizmek by Amazon Order agreement signed by the agency

Supported Ad Formats









Campaign and Placement Setup

The campaign and placements are initially configured in Netbox and then pushed to SAS. The following table outlines the trafficking tasks and where they are managed.




Campaign setup


Placement setup


Attachment of Ads


Adding URLs and 3rd party tracking


Publishing ads and sending out code packages


Making changes to placements


Ad creation, ad assignment, setting of click-through URLs tag generation, and tag distribution to publishers occurs solely within SAS; Netbox is not involved with these steps. For any issues related directly to trafficking of your campaign within SAS, contact your customer success manager or Sizmek by Amazon Support.

Rules and Guidelines

  • If you have Sizmek MDX account and are transitioning to SAS, please confirm with your customer success manager that your account has been fully migrated before setting up the SAS integration in Netbox.

  • Sizmek does not recommend setting up the same campaign in both Sizmek MDX and SAS. If your campaign has started in Sizmek MDX, any new placements or campaign extension should continue in Sizmek MDX.

  • If a campaign is set up in SAS but must be moved to Sizmek MDX for some reason, the campaign should be setup again using the Sizmek MDX ad server. The campaign that was set up in SAS can be deleted.

  • Sizmek by Amazon may disable the setup of new placements in Sizmek MDX once the SAS roll out is complete. If a user attempts to push a new campaign or placements to Sizmek MDX once the setup option is disabled, Netbox will display the following error message: You are not the owner of the provided entity.

    If this happens, please ensure you have selected the SAS ad server so that the campaign is setup on SAS instead.

  • Media plan and placement optimizations and updates, such as changing the ordered units/booked impressions, start/end dates, cost model, rates, and placement and/or package names, should be defined in Netbox first and then pushed to SAS.

  • Any media plan or placement modifications made directly in SAS will not reflect in Netbox and are likely to be overwritten/undone or cause errors when pushing through any subsequent updates from Netbox to SAS.

  • Updating the site, placement name, banner size, placement type, flight date, package name or media cost in SAS directly will break the connection between SAS and Netbox; however, updating section or media buy channel (custom fields in SAS) will not.

SAS Setup

  • Verify with your customer success manager to ensure that your account is fully migrated to SAS before using this integration.

  • Verify that the account contains the Specialinstruction field on the campaign level for future use. This field is supposed to store the internal media plan ID that is populated by the Netbox system. There is also an option to define the custom fields on the placement level which is optional:

  • Confirm creation of the required API user and the associated API key.


Note: The API user credentials will not work in SAS. If access to SAS is required, the user will need separate credentials under the agency account.

Netbox Setup

Setup and implementation in Netbox is managed by the media agency user and not Sizmek by Amazon. This section provides a brief summary of the setup and implementation steps required in Netbox. For additional information and Netbox support, the media agency should contact the Netbox support team directly.



The agency can specify a brand that is already created. In Netbox, it is named Prodotto. The new one is created upon request with the short description.

Campaign Setup in Netbox

Trafficker should create a campaign with a name and the Netbox Media Plan ID in the custom field Specialinstruction.

It is not possible to update the campaign's fields after its creation.

Placement Setup in Netbox

You can create a placement using the following fields:

  • SiteId from the matchtable

  • PlacementName following advertiser's rules

  • StartDate

  • EndDate

  • Units

  • PlacementType

  • TrackingType

  • CostModel

  • Rate (if the agency decided to put it in SAS)

  • CustomFields


    Note: Netbox uses one, mandatory custom field on the campaign level and four, optional custom fields on the placement level.

Existing placements can be updated using the following fields:

  • PlacementName

  • StartDate

  • EndDate

  • Units

  • CostModel

  • Rate

  • CustomFields


Initially, you should contact the Netbox support organization at

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