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  • Creative > Ads > New Ad > Ad Builder


Ad Builder templates allow you to create your HTML ads easily and quickly by selecting a template and customizing the different features of the ad as required.

Ad Builder provides a set of basic templates that are based on the most commonly used ads used in the industry. A short description is provided for each template so you can determine which template is most suitable for your needs. In addition, you can create your own templates for future use. These templates are shared and are accessible to all the users in your account.


The Template Gallery includes all the templates, which are grouped according to the following categories:

  • Formats: Displays the most recurring formats.

  • All Templates: Displays a full list of built-in and shared templates.

  • My Templates: Displays user-defined templates created and viewable by all the users in the account. In addition to the built-in Ad Builder templates, you can create your own personalized templates that are automatically shared and available to all other users in your account.


Important: To view and access the Formats tab in the Templates Gallery, please contact your local creative support. For more information, see Amazon Ad Server ad formats.

  1. From the Ad Builder Welcome Screen, click Template Gallery.

  2. Select a template and click Create.


Creating Your Own Template

You can create your own templates in Ad Builder by creating an ad and saving it is as a template. The template is added to the My Templates in the Templates Gallery and is available to all users in the account.

  1. Customize you ad as required.

  2. From the Save menu, select Save As Template.

  3. Type a short description.

  4. Click Save.

Edit Your Template


Important: To activate this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Note: This feature is protected by the following permission:

  • Update/Delete Ad Template

In Ad Builder, you can edit the existing templates created under your account. Templates that are enabled for editing have an edit icon on the left of the template.

  1. From the Ad Builder Welcome Screen, click Template Gallery.

  2. Select your template and click the Edit icon.

  3. Modify the template and click Save.

    The Edit Template page opens.

  4. (Optional) In the Template Name field, rename the template and click Save.

Delete a Shared Template

In the Template Gallery > My Templates tab, all users can delete their own template or any template created by other users within the same account.

To delete a template, hover over the shared template and click the Delete icon.

Rapid Creative

You can create templates to work with Rapid Creative. For more information, see Ad Builder Rapid Creative.

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