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  • Creative > Ads > New Ad > Ad Builder

Ad Builder supports the option of adding HTML or CSS code to your ads using our embedded code editor. The HTML component is not displayed in the ad; rather, the code included in the component is injected into your ad's code. Because the HTML component does not affect the layout, you can place it next to the stage.


Important: The HTML component does not support adding JavaScript tags. For more information about manually adding JavaScript, see Ad Builder Add JavaScript to Your HTML Ads.

  1. In Ad Builder, from the Components pane, click HTML.

  2. In the Properties pane, click Open Code Editor.


    Note: Since the HTML component is not displayed in the ad, the following fields have no impact:

    • W and H

    • X and Y

    • Rotation

    • Show On Load


The code editor is displayed, and you can enter HTML or CSS code.



The following table describes the fields that you can modify.




Defines the name of the component instance and the associated layer.

Dynamic Element

Allows you to convert the component instance into a dynamic element. For more information, see Introduction to dynamic creative.

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