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  • Creative > Ads > New Ad > Ad Builder


Important: Some functionality for this component may be restricted in certain environments or browsers.


The 360° Viewer component in Ad Builder allows you to rotate a video or image 360 degrees around its axis. The 360° Viewer component works on desktop and mobile, using touch and mouse events to rotate the object.

The feature is fully responsive (when placed on a responsive banner/panel).


The 360° feature supports the following functionality.

Accelerometer Support on Mobile

Enabling Accelerometer support on mobile takes advantage of the device orientation hardware, or accelerometer, found in smart devices and allows developers to manipulate the video or image.

Show 360° Reminder

A Show 360° Reminder icon appears for a few seconds when the image starts running indicating to the user that the ad has 360° capabilities.

View Angle

The view angle is the angle at which a display can be viewed with acceptable visual performance. The 360° Viewer component supports a range 30°-120° degrees, with a default of 60° degrees.


Virtual Reality (VR) Support

The 360 Viewer supports running VR images on mobile phones. If a VR image is detected on a VR-supported device, a VR icon appears indicating it is a VR-enabled ad. The VR icon is only visible when viewing the ad on a supported mobile. You can click on the VR icon to run the ad on one of the following Google VR Viewers:

  • Google Cardboard I/O 2014

  • Google Cardboard I/O 2015

Note: This feature is embedded in the 360 Viewer and requires no configuration.


Supported Platforms




Internet Explorer 11.x, Chrome 55.x, Firefox 50.x


Chrome 55.x, Firefox 50, Safari iOS 9.1, 10.x


iOS 10.x


iOS 8.x and 9.x (limited support), iOS 10.x (fully supported)


Android 5+

Rules and Guidelines

  • Video Asset Size: In AAS, the Ad Builder Video component supports adding a video asset up to 100 MB.

  • Video Ad Duration: It is recommended that you upload a video with a duration that does not include a fractional part of a second. For example, upload a video that is either 14 or 15 seconds long, and not 14.1 seconds. In such cases, the metric that counts video 100% viewed will not be applied.

Configuring the 360° Image or Video in Your Ad


The creative image used for this feature must be 360° compatible. All image formats are supported.

  1. In Ad Builder, select 360° Viewer from the Components pane.

  2. In the 360 Viewer Properties pane, select your 360° video or image:

    • To select a 360° image:

      • In the Viewer Type field, select 360° Image.

      • In the Select/Upload Image field, select the 360° compatible image to upload.

    • To select your 360° video:

      • In the Viewer Type field, select 360° Video.

      • In the Select/Upload Video field, select your 360° compatible video to upload.

  3. (Optional) You can change the default settings. For information on these settings, click here.

  4. Test your ad in the local Ad Builder Preview or in the Platform Preview tool. It is recommended to test your ad directly on a mobile phone using the Amazon Share QR feature located in the Share tab in the Platform Preview.


Actions, Animations, and Interactions

The 360° Viewer component includes all the events, actions, and interactions applicable to the Video component. For more information, see Video Component.

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