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  • Creative > Ads > New Ad > Ad Builder

Events occur when a user engages with the ad. Events can occur following automatic ad load, or upon user interaction with the ad, for example, a mouse in, tap, or click.

When an event runs, you can assign actions to follow, and as a result, increase consumer engagement with the ad. These actions can include expanding panels, redirecting click-throughs to predefined pages, or adding a set of animations. The dynamic timeline in Ad Builder enables you to view, move, and organize the actions and animations.


To view a complete list of events and actions, see Ad Builder List of Events and Actions. To learn more about animation tips, see Ad Builder Tips and Best Practices .



Tip: To change the scale of the timeline, click + or -, at the bottom-right of the Actions & Animations pane.

  1. Select a layer from the Layer pane and open Actions & Animations.

  2. Click Create New Event, and select the event.


    Note: To define actions that take place on ad load, select the banner itself.

  3. Click Add Action.

  4. In the list, select the action type, and the target for that action.

  5. Set action triggers, which are actions that you add will run one after another. When one action finishes, the following action starts. Adjust timings of your actions based on the previous one, or on trigger.

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