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  • Creative > Ads > New Ad > Ad Builder

Ad Builder provides you with a wide range of pre-configured actions and animations to meet most requirements.

If you still need to add JavaScript code to your ad, use the dedicated JavaScript editor accessible from the Run JavaScript action.

  1. In the Properties pane, open the Actions and Animations pane.

  2. Create an event for the component to which you want to add JavaScript code. This example shows adding a Tap/Click event to a hotspot.

  3. Under Add Action > New Action > Select Action, select Custom Actions > Run JavaScript.

  4. Click Open Code Editor.

  5. Define your JavaScript code, and then click Apply. You do not need to add the <script> tag; simply enter your JavaScript code. This example shows adding a confirm dialog box.

  6. Click Preview, and verify that your code is running correctly on the ad.

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