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An image that is less than 200 KB uses standard banner as the ad format. The process for images that are less than 200 KB is straight forward; therefore, it is recommended that you try to optimize your images as much as possible.

An image that is greater than 200 KB requires that you wrap the file into an HTML ad, and use the rich media banner as the ad format. Before building a rich media banner , make sure to check with your media agency that this ad format can be used on the sites listed in the media plan.

Image-based creatives use one of the following single-image files:

  • .jpg/.jpeg

  • .gif

  • .png

standard banner

Setting up your ad requires that you start by uploading your image to the assets library. Then, set up your ad based on the image that you uploaded.

Upload your ad

  1. Select Creative > Assets Library.

  2. (Optional) Click New Folder to create a folder into which you will upload your image.

  3. Click Upload.

  4. Perform one of the following actions:

    • Drag your image to the new window.

    • Click Browse Files to locate the image.

  5. Click Done.

Set up your ad

  1. Select Creative > Ads.

  2. Click New Ad > Blank Ad.

  3. Give your ad a meaningful name.

  4. In the Ad Format list, select standard banner.

  5. In the Creative Assets > Main Assets tab, select the default image.

  6. Click Save.


Note: There is no need to add a click-through button. Amazon Ad Server (AAS) will make your image clickable automatically. To test the click-through, add a temporary URL.

Set up multiple ads

You can upload and set up multiple ads in a single process using the Ad Creation Wizard. For more information, see Set up multiple ads using Ad Creation Wizard.

rich media banner

The following methods describe how to wrap an image greater than 200 KB into an HTML ad.

Method A: Amazon Ad Server Ad Builder

You can use our authoring tool to set up a rich media banner without the need for coding. Follow the instructions in Create a rich media banner in Amazon Ad Server Ad Builder, and once your creative is set, add an image component to add your image file.

Method B: utilize a template

  1. Download our template, which is dedicated to image-based rich media banner.

  2. To modify the image of the creative, do the following:

    1. Replace the file's creative.jpg with your main image. It can be a .jpg, .png or a .gif file.

    2. (Optional) If you change the file format from a .jpg to another format, open the index.html file with a code editor. Change the file extension in the code of the creative, under the background-image CSS property.

  3. To change the default image, replace the file's default.jpg with your default image. It can be a .jpg, .png or a .gif file.

    If you change the file format from a .jpg to another format, there is no need to edit the code. Unlike your main image which can be up to 10 MB, as with any rich media banner, the default image needs to be less than 200 KB.

  4. The template is set as a 300x600. To edit the size of the ad, open the index.html file with a code editor, and change the values of the CSS properties, ( width or height).

Once your image is wrapped as an HTML ad, proceed to one of the following tasks:

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