Note: If you used Ad Builder to build your In-Stream Video Interactive, this set up is not required and you can proceed to sharing your ad. For more information, see Share Your Ads.


Before uploading your ad to Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS), verify that you have completed these prerequisites:

  • The folder that contains your assets does not include unnecessary files. For example:

    • Unused assets such as images, videos, or fonts.

    • Work files such as .psd, .fla, or .scss.

    • Hidden files such as thumbs.db (Windows) or .DS_Store (Mac).

  • Create a Workspace (zip file) for each ad. It is recommended that the zip file name matches the final name of the ad.

  • Unlike other ad formats, VPAID (In-Stream) ads do not require any default image.

Setting up a Single Ad

Setting up your ad requires that you start by uploading your Workspace to the Assets Library. Then, set up your ad based on the Workspace that you uploaded.

Upload Your Ad

  1. Select Creative > Assets Library.

  2. Click New Folder to create a folder into which you will upload your Workspace.

  3. Click Upload.

  4. Perform one of the following actions:

    • Drag your zipped Workspace in the new window.

    • Click Browse Files to locate the Workspace.

  5. Click Done.

Set up Your Ad

  1. Select Creative > Ads.

  2. Click New Ad > Blank Ad.

  3. Give your ad a meaningful name.

  4. In the Ad Format list, select In-Stream Video - Interactive.

  5. In the Creative Assets > Linear tab, select the Workspace folder and navigate to an uploaded Workspace.

  6. In the Creative Assets > Companion tab, select the companion banner asset.

  7. In the Creative Assets > Additional Assets tab, select the video asset.

  8. Click Save.

Setting up Multiple Ads

You can upload and set up multiple ads in a single process using the Ad Creation Wizard. For more information, see Set up Multiple Ads Using Ad Creation Wizard.

Previewing and Testing

After you finish creating your ad, make sure that you preview and test it. For more information, see Preview Your Ads and Test Your Ads.

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