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The Workspace Validator is a tool that provides a baseline assessment of an ad workspace. The tool evaluates the workspace to ensure that it is coded properly for Amazon Ad Server (AAS) and does not contain any obvious technical errors.

This tool is designed to reduce the back-and-forth that is often required between the individual who sets up an ad and the developer. It is available outside AAS to maximize the amount of workflows it can accommodate, and ensure these basic assessments can be done as early and efficiently in your development process as possible, even before uploading to AAS.

This tool can analyze workspaces for standard banner ads and rich media banner ads. Workspaces compressed in a .zlib format are not compatible, please use .zip.


Note: The Workspace Validator is designed to check compatibility and general requirements. It is not meant to be a substitute for quality assurance validation and does not include validation for any specific site requirements.

Using the Workspace Validator


Note: Before you begin, verify that you have a workspace with the following:

  • One index.html file in the root directory

  • At least one call to EB.Clickthrough()

  • A default image

  1. Open the tool -

  2. Click Upload and select the workspace.

  3. The tool validates the workspace as follows:


    See Understanding validation messages for a description of the messages.

  4. After you fix any errors or modify the workspace, click Start again. The tool re-evaluates the Workspace and updates results.

  5. (Optional) To share the results with another user, click Share. The URL is copied to the clipboard.

Understanding validation messages

Message status

Depending on the validation, these messages are assigned a status:

  • Green: Passed validation.

  • Blue: Information message

  • Yellow-orange: Warning

  • Red: Failed validation

About the messages



Verify HTML file

There should be only one HTML file and it should be located in the root directory of your workspace.

Verify total workspace size

  • For standard banner ads, the workspace cannot exceed 300 KB.

  • For rich media banner ads, the Workspace cannot exceed 10 MB.

Verify AAS HTML API (EBLoader or AdKit usage)

Valid values include the following:

  • EBLoader:

    • <script src=""></script>

    • <script src=""></script>

  • AdKit:

    • <script src=""> </script>

    • <script src=""> </script>

Verify click-through usage

Your workspace must include one, valid click-through URL using EB.Clickthrough(). In addition, the tool verifies that there are no calls to

Verify HTML/JS features

Identifies incorrect HTML/JS features:

  • alert() calls are not allowed.

  • standard banner ads cannot contain <audio> or <video> elements.

Verify URLs containing HTTP

All URLs should be HTTPS (or relative protocol).

Verify All URLs and paths

Identifies URLs and paths that might be invalid. It is recommended that you confirm that these items are correct.


Note: The EB.Clickthrough() function can include an HTTP URL.

Verify unused Files

Identifies any unused files in the workspace. Upload will succeed, but the weight of the workspace will be larger than necessary. It is recommended to remove the unused files.

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