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Assets include images, videos, Flash files, HTML Workspaces and configuration files. You can perform a set of actions on assets including viewing, moving, previewing, and replacing assets in the Assets Library and on the Assets level. If for any reason you cannot perform an action on the asset, the action is disabled.

Upload Assets to the Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS)

Assets can be uploaded from different locations in SAS and are saved in the Assets Library:

  • Assets Library: Useful for saving many assets in a target folder for future use. You can perform the following actions on assets in the Assets Library: Upload, Rename, Download, and Move.

  • Master Ad: Useful when creating a single ad. The assigned ad is saved to a target folder in the Assets Library.

  • Ad Wizard Creation wizard: Useful when creating multiple ads using the same assets.


Note: ZIP files should only be used to upload Workspaces and HLS videos.

Upload HTML Workspaces

An HTML ad includes multiple components that are saved in a dedicated Workspace zip folder. SAS supports uploading HTML Workspace in the following ways:

  • Automatic Workspace Upload: When you upload your ad from within Ad Builder, an HTML Workspace is created. The Workspace has the same name as the ad, and is automatically extracted to the Assets library.

  • Manual Workspace Upload: When you create a Workspace, save and zip your HTML assets to a Workspace folder. Then, upload the folder to the Assets Library.

Upload HLS Content

You can upload HLS video assets to the Assets library as a zip file, and then assign the file to any ad format.



  • You cannot replace or download HLS content from the Assets Library.

  • SAS does not support auto-transcoding for HLS content.

Work with Assets in the Assets Library

The Assets Library displays all of the creative assets within a specific account. The assets are saved within subfolders under the main My Assets folder. These folders contain images, videos, HTML folders, and Flash files. Ad Builder assets are not included in the Assets library.


Important: HTML ad assets are uploaded within a .zip file and saved within a dedicated Workspace folder.

In the Assets Library, you can perform actions such as moving, renaming, and deleting assets. You can quickly search for existing assets and change the views to meet your needs. The bar in the Assets List indicates the folder that is currently selected. All users under the account can view and perform actions on the assets. If you cannot perform an action on an asset, for example, deleting an asset in a live ad, the action is disabled.


Note: The delete action requires special permissions. For more information see the Deleting Assets, Folders, and HTML Workspaces section.

The Assets Library includes the following views:

  • Tile view: Displays the assets as thumbnails.

  • List View: Displays the assets in a list. You can search and filter the list in the context of all of the account’s assets.

  • Grid View: Displays assets in a hierarchical tree view.

The following table lists the asset-associated icons and their supported asset types in the Assets Library.




An HTML Workspace folder


A subfolder icon


Flash Icon displayed for: .fla, .flv and .swf files


Image icon displayed for: .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .svg, and .psd files


Video Icon displayed for: .flv, .mp4, .mov, .flv, .webm,.m3u8, .ts, .3gp, .wmv, .ogv, and .avi files


Text and code icon is displayed for .txt, .pdf, .doc, .js, and .rtf, .js, .as, .xml, .json, .html, and .css files

Uploading Assets to the Assets Library

Assets are uploaded to the target folder that you select in the My Assets folder. When you click Upload, the Upload Assets dialog box opens. You can change the target folder or create a new folder. 1 GB is the maximum allowable file size when uploading creative assets.


Downloading Assets from the Assets Library

You can download multiple assets/Workspaces simultaneously:

  • If the total size of the assets/Workspaces is less than 10 MB, a zip file is immediately downloaded.

  • If the total size of the assets/Workspaces exceeds 10 MB, a URL link is sent in an email message. Clicking the URL link downloads the zip file.

Keep in mind the following when downloading assets:

  • You cannot download HLS content.

  • You cannot download external assets.

  • Total size of the assets/Workspaces cannot exceed 1,000 MB.

Deleting Assets, Folders, and HTML Workspaces


Important: This feature requires special permissions. For more information, please contact your customer success manager.


Note: This feature is protected by the following permission: Delete Asset.

The Delete action in the Assets Library enables you to delete unassigned assets, folders, and HTML folders under your account.

You can also delete the asset on the asset level. All ads containing this asset will be updated.


Rules and Guidelines

  • You can only delete empty folders. If you want to delete a folder containing assets, delete the folder's contents, and then proceed to delete the folder. After you delete the folder, the system routes you to the folder located in a higher level in the folder hierarchy.

  • You can delete an HTML folder and its contents.

  • You can delete multiple assets, folders, and HTML folders.

Work with Assets on the Asset Level

Viewing Asset Properties

Double-clicking an asset enables you to view the asset properties and custom interactions. You can delete, replace, and edit the code embedded in the assets. For more information about editing the code, see Edit Code Embedded in Assets Using the Code Editor.


Replacing an Asset


Important: To replace an asset in a live or trafficked ad, please contact Sizmek Support.


Note: You cannot replace an HTML Workspace folder.


Note: This feature is protected by the following permission: Edit Published Ads.

You can replace a creative asset in cases where you need to update a file that already exists in your SAS account. Replacing an asset allows you to overwrite the asset and any ads that contain this asset. If the asset you have selected to change/overwrite is larger than the original asset, a warning message appears informing you that the ad size will change if you decide to use this asset. You can either ignore this message, or select another asset.

When you overwrite an asset, SAS updates all ads referencing that particular asset.

You can overwrite assets in live and published ads if required. For more information, contact the creative producer. Please be aware that these changes will be immediate in the live ad.


Note: Once you replace the assets, remember to update/replace any associated URLs.

  1. In the Assets Library, double-click an asset.

  2. Click Replace.

  3. In the Replace Asset dialog, select an alternate asset to upload.

Deleting an Asset

Deleting an asset removes the assets from the assigned ads. You can delete an asset only if it is not live.

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