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You can perform a set of actions on master ads in the Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS) including editing, duplicating and assigning master ads. You can export selected rows or all rows from a list in SAS to a .csv file and copy multiple IDs to the clipboard. Actions are enabled or disabled depending on the status of the selected ad or ads. In the History tab, you can view recent change performed, filter and sort data to find information regarding specific tasks. For more information about assigning ads, see Traffic Your Campaign in Simple Mode and Work with Delivery Groups.



Note: Please note that while custom fields can be added as columns in the list, they will not be included in exported .csv files.

Editing an Attached Master Ad (with Placement Ads)

You can edit an attached master ads and decide whether changes made in the master ad will propagate to the attached placements ad. The process of editing an attached master ads is similar to edit an unattached ad. The only difference is when you proceed to save the changes. You can decide whether to apply these changes to all the linked placement ads or only to placement ads that share the same source values as the master ad. The following options are:

  • Save: Applies only the new values to selected ads that shared the identical source field value.

  • Override All: Applies the new values to all the selected ads regardless of whether they originally shared an identical field value or displayed the Multiple Value in the field value.


    Note: If a placement ad has different settings, you must select the Override All option when saving the master ad.

Duplicating a Master Ad


Important: To activate this feature, please contact your .

This feature is protected by the following permission:

  • Ads: Duplicate Ads

Duplicating an ad enables you to copy the ad and all of its associated assets. You can either link and share the assets with both the original and duplicated ad, or duplicate the assets and save them in a new location.

You can duplicate both non-Dynamic Creative and Dynamic Creative ads. Duplicating Dynamic Creative ads includes additional settings such as duplicating with or without versions.


Rules and Guidelines

Please note these important points when duplicating ads:

  • You can only duplicate ads from accounts to which you have access.

  • You can only duplicate ads to accounts to which you have access.

  • Duplicating ads to another account requires additional permissions. For more information, contact your .

  • If you duplicate attached ads, a new master ad is created. Placements ads are not duplicated.

  • You can duplicate multiple ads simultaneously.

  • A suffix is added to the ad folder name, if the target destination folder contains the same names as the duplicated assets.

  • If you duplicate an assigned ad, the original ad's assignment is not passed to the duplicated ad. If you want to maintain the original ad's assignment, select the Keep campaign/advertiser/account assignment check box.

  • If you duplicate a Dynamic Creative ad with versions/feed settings, and the original ad uses retargeting, target audiences, or media targeting, make sure to select the Keep campaign/advertiser/account assignment check box. Otherwise, all targeting and retargeting data will be removed from the duplicated versions.

  • If you select both non-Dynamic Creative and Dynamic Creative ads, the Dynamic Creative ads will be duplicated without versions or feed settings.


Note: Assigning an ad to multiple campaigns will create the necessary duplication automatically.

Duplicate Ad Settings

The following table describes the fields that you can select when duplicating an ad.



New Ad Name

Enables you to rename the ad. When a new ad is duplicated, it automatically receives the next sequential number.

Do not duplicate the ad assets

Enables you to share the assets in the ads. Changes made to the assets in the original or the duplicated ad affect the assets in all of the ads.

Copy ad assets to the following folder

Duplicates and saves the assets in a new location. The assets are not shared and serve as independent entities. Changes made to assets do not affect other assets.

Keep campaign/ advertiser/ account assignment

Enables the duplicate ad to inherit the campaign, advertiser, or account assignment from the original ad.

For example, if your original ad includes targeting or retargeting data, and you want to keep this data in the duplicated versions/feed settings, select this check box.

Dynamic Creative Ads

Duplicate with versions

Enables you to select whether to duplicate the ad with all its versions.

For example, you might want to use the same ad (format and layout) but different text and images in your versions. In this case, you would duplicate the ad without the versions.

Duplicate with feed settings

Enables you to select whether to duplicate the ad with its feed settings.

For example, you might want to make a change to the ad itself, and create two different ads for the same advertiser with the same versions. In this case, you would duplicate the ad with the feed settings.

Duplicating Ads to Another Account


Important: To activate this feature, please contact your .

This feature is protected by the following permission:

  • Ads: Duplicate Ad to Another Account

You can duplicate ads to another account from the Creative > Ads List > Duplicate tab. In the Duplicate to Another Account dialog box, set the destination account, destination folder and Dynamic Creative settings.


Guidelines and Rules

  • Duplicating an ad will not duplicate it's placement ads.

  • By default, all the duplicated ads will be copied over to the MyAsset/CopiedAds/Copies fromxxxxAccount/<Ad_Name> path.

  • The duplicated ad will be renamed with a number suffix.

  • You can duplicate dynamic creative ads with all the versions to another account.

Deleting a Master Ad

You can delete your master ad in the following instances:

  • It is not assigned to a delivery group.

  • It does not have placement ads.

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