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  • Creative > Ads > Ads List > [Ad_Name] > Preview


Amazon Ad Server (AAS) Preview allows you to test, review, and share your ads/ad versions in a test environment, and provides real-time information about your ad.

Testing your ad

Tools for testing your ads' specs, functionality, and behavior are located in the Details pane and are described in the following table.



Ad Information

Displays general information about the master ad, placement ad, or version (for example, format type, ad dimensions, ad size, and ad ID).


Note: Ad size is referred to as Overall Size in the Info box on the Ad Setup page.


Event Console

Tracks the ad interactions that were defined in your ad, including, EB, custom, and video interactions, and displays real-time entries as you interact with your ad. For example, if you click a link in the ad, the event console logs the type of event and the time of interaction. You can search for a specific event by name or type. In addition, clicking DOC_Float_icon.png opens a new window and expands the events pane, allowing you to see more information or utilize dual-monitor configuration.


Device Simulator

Enables you to preview how your ad will look on a desktop browser, mobile device, or tablet, without using multiple physical devices.

Your ad plays in a container, which reflects either the screen resolution of the browser, or the screen size and orientation of the mobile device, but does not simulate device behavior.


In addition, in Canvas mode you can preview your ad on a specific site. When you enter the URL for a site, the preview displays an image of the site, allowing you to position and test how your creative will look when served on that site. The image of the website can either show content above the fold, or a scrollable image that includes information below the fold. Background_URL.png


Enables various campaign stakeholders that do not have an AAS account (for example, creative agencies or advertisers) to preview ads and provide feedback. You can share a selected ad, all ads, or a filtered list of ads (for example, ad dimensions (dimensions:300x250)). Shared ad preview link cannot expire.

Sharing options include:

  • Copying and pasting the URL link, or sharing the link in an email.

  • Using your mobile device to scan the QR code and previewing the ad on your mobile device.


Dynamic Elements

Appears when previewing a dynamic creative ad, and enables you to search for dynamic elements by name or value, filter dynamic elements according to type, and view and modify dynamic element values on-the-fly. When updating a text element, you can switch from text to HTML.


Note: Make sure to save any changes that you make; otherwise, modifications will not be saved.

Modifying dynamic element values is possible in shared preview links for viewing/testing purposes only; therefore, any changes made by users who are not logged into AAS are not saved.


Viewing your ads

When previewing a single ad or multiple ads, there are standard actions that you can perform. These actions include toggling between the banner and the default image, reloading ads to replay an ad, and searching and filtering the list of ads, for example, by name or ad.

Preview multiple ads

When you preview multiple ads or ad versions, the Ad Switcher DOC_AdSwitcher.png displays the list of ads and enables you to expand and collapse the list, and navigate between ads.

In addition, for dynamic creatives, clicking NewPreview_ShowAllVersions_button.png enables you to drill down to all versions that belong to the selected ad. If a default image was assigned to a version, clicking Backup Image allows you to preview the default image for that version.

Preview side-by-side

In the Ad Switcher, clicking PreviewNew_SBS_button.png opens a new tab and displays your ads/ad versions alongside each other allowing you to review ads in bulk and to easily compare ads.

By default, this view displays your ads according to groups; for multiple master ads, ads are grouped according to dimensions, and for multiple dynamic creatives, ad versions are grouped according to target audiences. You can sort the ads within each group (for example, according to name or id), or remove the grouping. In addition, you can filter ads and view all metadata related to each ad.

When previewing a large number of ads, you can set the pagination and choose the number of ads to display on each page.

The ads shown in the preview are based on the ads' dimensions in AAS. For testing purposes, you might want to adjust these dimensions. Clicking set_dimensions_icon.png enables you to override the default dimensions and customize the width and height of the ads. Once your review is finished, you can reset the ads to their default dimensions.

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