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Modules are JavaScript (JS) files with functionality that can be loaded into your ad. Amazon Ad Server (AAS) provides several modules; you can select any combination of modules according to the required functionality in your ad.

Load modules

Before the AdKit declaration in our HTML files, you must include modules and declare them in an array variable called EbModulesToLoad.

The following example loads the Video and the EBAPI modules for use in an AAS ad.

<script> EBModulesToLoad = ['Video', 'EBAPI'];</script>





For Rich Media Banner, allows you to track video interactions. For more information, see Video module.


Used for mobile-device In-app serving using the IAB’s MRAID framework. This module can be included using the MRAID alias. For more information, see EBCMD Module.


Extra functionality for Rich Media Banner. Mostly, only used by custom formats. For more information, see EBAPI Module.


Supports communication between the various panels of a multi-panel ad, or between multiple ads on the same page. For more information, see Comm Module.

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