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  • Creative > Ads > New Ad > Ad Builder

Components are items, such as an image or a video, that you place on your stage to create your ad. By default, the Components pane is displayed on the stage. Clicking Components in the toolbar allows you to open/close the pane.


Clicking a component adds it to the stage, and you can configure the component in the Properties pane.


The following table describes each component.



Image Component

Adds images to your ads.

Text Component

Supports adding text with a wide range of fonts and text settings.

Hotspot Component

Adds a hotspot to your ads.

HTML Component

Adds HTML or CSS code to your ads using an embedded code editor.

Button Component

Adds a button to your ads.

Shape Component

Adds a shape to your ad without having to prepare or upload an image.

Video Component

Adds a video to your ad.

YouTube Video Component

Add the YouTube video to your ad.

Facebook Component

Allows users to share advertiser content on their personal Facebook accounts, and add a personalized message before publishing the share.

Twitter Component

Adds the Tweet button, which includes the default Tweet text: Check out this ad.

Pinterest Component

Adds the Pinterest component and enables you to modify the Pinterest element properties.

Media Gallery Component

Creates a slideshow that displays slides with images, video, or HTML code.

Store Locator Component

Add the Store Locator feature to your ad.

Daily Motion Component

Video-sharing website based in France, on which users can upload, watch, and share videos.

360 Viewer Component

Adds a 360 degree video or image to your HTML ads.

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