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This component allows you to add a YouTube player and its video in your ad.

  • If the dimensions of the YouTube video are larger than the size of the YouTube component, Amazon Ad Server (AAS) resizes the video while maintaining the aspect ratio.

  • If the dimensions of the YouTube video are smaller than the size of the YouTube component, AAS does not resize the video.

  1. In Ad Builder, from the Components pane, click YouTube.

  2. In the Properties pane, configure the relevant settings.



The following table describes the fields that you can modify.




Defines the name of the component instance and the associated layer.

W and H

Defines the dimensions, width and height, of the component instance.

X and Y

Defines the positioning of the component instance on the stage.


Defines the rotation angle of the component instance.

Show on Load

Determines whether to show the component instance as soon as the ad displays, or to hide it, for example, to show the instance later in the animation.


Determines the opacity (transparency) of the component instance.

YouTube Video ID

Defines the ID of the YouTube video. The YouTube video ID is available in your video's YouTube URL, for example,

Show Control Bar

Determines whether the video player control bar appears across the bottom of the video player.

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