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Sequence actions (Start, Stop, or Pause) allow users to interact with animations on another component. A sequence action requires that you configure a source component and a target component:

  • Source component: Triggers the sequence of actions on the target component.

  • Target component: Runs the actions and animations sequence.

Sequence actions can apply to a target component that uses a regular type of event, such as On Load or Tap/Click. For example, when the user clicks a button on the ad, a square image will slide on to the ad and then rotate.

Configuring a Sequence

This procedure describes how to set up the Start sequence, by which a user clicks the button component (source), causing the shape component (target) to rotate and slide.

  1. Select the target component on which you would like to run the animations. In our example, a shape.

  2. In the Actions & Animations pane, click Create New Event.

  3. In the list, select Custom Sequence.

  4. Configure a set of actions for the sequence.

  5. Preview the ad to ensure that the sequence of actions and animations runs correctly.

  6. Select the source component that will trigger your animation. In our example, a button.

  7. In the Actions & Animations pane, click Create New Event.

  8. In the list, select Tap/Click.

  9. Select Start as the sequence action, and target your shape.

  10. Select Custom Sequence as the target event from your shape.


When previewing the ad, the animation of the shape (target) only starts when a user clicks on the button (source).

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