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The expandable actions allow you to expand an additional banner, called panel, from your basic banner in different ways. Expandable actions include the following:

  • Expand: Expands the panel

  • Expand to Full Screen: Expands the panel and adds a background behind the panel that covers the full screen

  • Pushdown: Pushes down the content of a web page when the ad expands

  • Collapse: Closes the panel

For Expand and Collapse, you can define the following actions for expandable panels:

  • Size of the panel when it expands


    Note: Full width/height expansion is only available for responsive panels.

  • Direction in which the panel expands/collapses


    Important: Make sure that you verify with the publisher the correct direction for the panel expansion.

  • Duration of the transition


Expanding a Panel to Full Screen

When a panel expands to full screen, the panel dimensions do not change but an overlay is added around the panel to fit the full screen. The overlay is defined as the background, whereas the panel is considered the foreground area.


The Expand to Full Screen action allows you to define a background overlay and a close button, including the position of the close button in the ad.



Pushdown is a type of expanding ad that pushes the content of a web page down when the ad expands, moving the site out of the way to display the ad. This format provides an above-the-fold opportunity for advertisers. For more information, see Create a Pushdown in SAS Ad Builder.

Adjusting Settings in Amazon Ad Server

Once you save the ad in Ad Builder, it becomes available in AAS. Then, you can adjust the settings on the Panels tab.

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