Dynamic Creative is the first part of campaigns that leverage Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO); the second part is the Optimization itself.

Dynamic Creative allows you to dynamically change ad content that is targeted to a specific audience or situation. A dynamic creative consists of multiple versions of assets in a single ad, for example, text, image, or video. These assets, referred to as dynamic elements, change according to the viewer's interests or location.

Dynamic elements are useful for large-scale DCO campaigns, when you need to personalize and target hundreds of ad versions to specific users.

In the following example, only a single ad was created, but the logo, background, baseline, and the character were converted into dynamic elements to create three completely different ad versions in appearance. The result is three entirely different experiences, depending on your interests. In addition, each ad version redirects to different landing page.


Working with Build Guides

You can use the Dynamic Creative feature in all Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS) formats, such as Standard, Rich Media, and Billboard, as well as across all dimensions. For more information, see Sizmek Ad Suite Ad Formats.

HTML Formats

The basic workflow when building an HTML Dynamic Creative is as follows:

  1. Add dynamic elements to your ads either in Ad Builder or an authoring tool.

  1. Upload your ads to SAS.

  2. In SAS, edit the value of the dynamic elements to create different ad versions.

    The Dynamic Creative process is complete.

The trafficking team (media agency) proceeds to the Optimization setup. Target audiences are associated with the ad versions, for example, different geographies, different age groups, and people that visited specific pages in the advertiser's site. For more information about target audiences, see Work with Target Audiences.


You can also apply Dynamic Creative to In-Stream Video, but the process is slightly different than for HTML ads. For more information, see About In-Stream Video. For more information about creating DCO VAST, see In-Stream VAST Dynamic Creative.

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