Note: To learn more about this format or to see build guides for other authoring tools, see About standard banner.

standard banner is the only HTML format for which you do not need a template when using a third party authoring tool such as a code editor or Adobe Animate.

Amazon Ad Server (AAS) includes a feature that creates a click-through overlay button on top of your ad; this feature makes your ad compatible with AAS.


Important: When using the click-through overlay button, make sure that there is no hard coded click-through or redirection in your ad. Using both may prevent clicks from being properly recorded.


Note: Using the click-through overlay will not allow you to build hover effects in your ad such as an animation on your CTA. If you need to create effects when the user hovers over your ad, refer to the Legacy process below.


Setting up your standard banner

After you create your ad, set up the ad in AAS. For more information, see Set up a standard banner.

Legacy process

If you still want to make your creative compatible with AAS by injecting code in your workspaces, you can use our legacy guides. The legacy methods may not be updated and we recommend using the new click-through overlay capability directly in AAS. For more information, see Create a standard banner in a 3rd Party Authoring Tool (Legacy Method) .

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