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Regardless of the ad format or authoring tool, every ad that you build in Amazon Ad Server (AAS) resides only in your account.

Accessing campaigns

If you are not trafficking the campaign, your ads need to be made available to the account (media agency/advertiser) that is managing the campaign. The media account must add your account name to the list of campaign contacts, and provide access to the campaign. Then, you can assign ads and assets to the campaign.


Tip: It is recommended that you do not delay sharing the creative account name with the media account. Even if the ads are not finished, the campaign may already exist and the media account can proceed with adding your account as a campaign contact.

Assigning ads

Assigning ads is usually performed after all of your ads are complete and ready to go live. The following image and procedure describe the required steps.


Important: Before assigning ads, it is highly recommended that you make sure that events that include actions such as clicks, video play, and expanding, are firing in the preview page. For more information see, Preview Ads and Test Ads.



Note: Before you begin, check the instructions from the media agency regarding the type of ad assignment, campaign, advertiser, or campaign management. Only 50 ads can be assigned by bulk.

  1. Select the required ads (#1 in the image).


    Tip: You can use Shift + click to select multiple ads.

  2. Click Assign (#2 in the image).

    The Ad Assignment window opens.

  3. Select Campaign, Advertiser, or Campaign Management (Media Account) based on the instructions from your media agency.

  4. Click Assign.

  5. Make sure all of your ads are selected, and click Copy IDs (#3 in the image).

    The IDs are now in your clipboard.

  6. Paste these IDs in an email message, and send the message to your media contact.


    Note: It is recommended that you share the list of ad IDs with your media agency. This gives your media contact the ability to filter and identify your ads.

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