Ad features are samples of engaging functionality that can be added to most Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS) ad formats. Ad features allow an additional means of engagement and tracking, or can serve as the starting point for your next idea.


Note: Ad feature articles are written with code editors in mind, and some modifications may be needed for other authoring environments.

List of Ad Features

The following table describes the complete list of SAS ad features, including links for each build guide.

Ad Feature


In-Sight Ad Feature

Triggers actions, such as animation, the moment an ad comes into view.

Video Tracking Ad Feature

Tracks video metrics and interactions derived from a native video player.

Sync Ad Feature

Enable communication between ads, such as multiple ads on the same page.

GeoData Ad Feature

Acquires user location data, such as country or zip code.

Cross Slider Ad Feature

Allows the user to drag a slider between two alternate elements, such as images or videos.

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