Share your ad specs and the delivery will be trouble-free!

This service allows you to submit your latest ad serving settings and ad specs to Amazon Ad Server (AAS) and ensure our tags are working in your system.

Updated ad specs are most important for sites that use advanced settings such as SSAI - Server-Side Ad Insertion or CORS - Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.

If you need special settings for data governance, please submit a publisher form and we can explain what options are available. We can also support you in working with the IAB TCF 2.0 (GDPRconsent macro) which is part of the ad tags for the publisher.

We also have a small number of publisher reports, which you can enable by submitting a ticket via the publisher form to the Publisher Care team.

Up-to-date ad specifications are key to trouble-free campaigns. This is especially true for streaming campaigns that use auto-transcoding. This service relies on the site video transcoding profile in AAS, based on your (the publisher's) ad specs. An updated transcoding profile helps ensure that AAS video ads comply with your specs - please go to this dedicated section for more information.

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