Publisher Care Team and Services

The Publisher Care Team is the central point of contact for all Publishers. Publishers in this case represent sites, publisher networks, DSPs, and trading desks. We are not responsible for live campaign issues (for these, please reach out to your local Customer Success team or to Global Support).

We care for Publishers by establishing an active dialogue. The central focus is the publisher settings, as well as informing about the possibility to certify creative formats to ensure issue-free delivery. We can advise on topics such as publisher reports, and other features CSMs or publishers might be interested in.

For agencies and advertisers, we offer a Media Plan evaluation service, which helps determine whether or not the planned campaigns will run issue-free in SAS, or whether (re)certifications are recommendable prior to campaign start.

Please reach out if you want to review your settings or if you experience any issues while delivering campaigns via SAS. Please explore our Publisher Portal for more information by accessing the links in the left-hand side menu or from the table of contents below. If you need help, you can always write an e-mail to or contact us via publisher form by choosing an appropriate request type.

Our team is located in Europe, and we are available between (time zone-translated):

PST: 12am - 3pm | EST: 3am - 6pm | GMT: 8am - 11pm | IST: 12:30pm - 3:30am | AEST: 5pm - 8am

Publisher Portal Content

These can also be found on your left-hand side, in the menu.



Certification / Why Certify?

Details regarding the certification and its benefits.

Certification / Simple Certification

A step-by-step guide to the Simple Certification process which is focused on the correct rendering of the banners on the publishers' sites.

Certification / Assisted Certification

A step-by-step guide to the Assisted Certification process, where the Publisher Care Team assists by providing individual tags for a test campaign, where the data is compared and ensures discrepancies stay within the acceptable margins.

Certification / Test Tags & Testing Guidelines

Self-Certification page for you, to be aligned with SAS's ad-serving product, prior to any campaign launch.

Technical Specs Updates

A page where we discuss the importance of technical specs, and how those reflect in our systems.

Auto-Transcoding & Video Specs

Pertains to In-stream (video) ads only. It's an automatic encoding platform that makes sure the specs are always properly set for serving placements.

Media Plan Evaluation

An offering mainly for Agencies and Advertisers to connect with the Publisher Care Team before the campaign start, to check if the campaign is likely to run issue-free.

Publisher Care FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our workflows and industry standards.

Publisher Care Glossary

Glossary of all terms used in this portal and the industry.

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