Check the sites before you launch

Media Plan Evaluation is a service designed for advertisers and agencies to verify whether sites and publishers used in their media plan are certified to support the formats expected to run in the campaign. When you submit your media plan for evaluation, our team will check all line items against our certified site database and will reply with:

  • The certification status for each line item from the media plan (Certified/Not certified)

  • An indication of when the site specs and settings were last updated in Amazon Ad Server (AAS).

  • When in doubt, the team will compare the settings in AAS with the publisher specs provided - to check if they are up-to-date or support you and your publishers to (re)-certify

If your media plan includes non-certified sites, the Publisher Care Team recommends initiating (re)-certification of the site by following the Self-Certification Guide (form link below). Agencies should collaborate with Publishers to get certified prior to campaign launch (see: Why Certify? page).

An exception can be made if you plan on serving only Standard Banners, non-expandable Rich Media (Polite Banners), or In-Stream VAST 2.0.

To request an evaluation for your Media Plan, please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the publisher form,

  2. From the "Request Type" drop-down select "Media Plan Evaluation",

  3. Complete the form (note: there are mandatory fields),

  4. Provide as many details as possible in the description,

  5. Attach the Media Plan file, or provide a link to the file,

  6. Submit.

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