Simple certification ensures the correct display of the ad formats

Simple Certification focuses on the ad unit(in-banner and/or video) displaying properly on the website. It will not take into consideration whether the measurement is in line. With Simple Certification, you can make sure the banner is shown on the website, while only Assisted Certification will also help prevent systemic discrepancies before the campaign launch by comparing data from a test campaign in both publisher ad server and AAS.

In order to successfully conduct the tests, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select the ad format you are interested in certifying, from the Basic Formats or Advanced Formats sections, and download the tags with the matching placement dimensions.

  2. Implement the test tags on test pages that authentically represent the live environment the ads are expected to run during the live campaign. In case you are from an agency - share the tags with the relevant publisher(s) and ask them to go through the steps below.

  3. Test the ad functionality by following the general testing guidelines listed below:

    Display Ads:

    • Is the banner displaying?

    • Is the banner displayed in the correct position without any misalignment?

    • Is the banner obstructing site content due to the incorrect z-index?

    • Is the banner fully functional? (Buttons are working, video is playing, the panel is expanding, etc.)

    • Is the banner staying in place when zooming the page in and out, and while scrolling?

    Video Ads:

    • Is the video displaying properly?

    • Are the Skip/Close buttons visible on the ad?

    • Are all buttons properly functioning? (VAST 3.0, VPAID)

  4. In addition to the general guidelines above, check for specific guidelines, which are provided in the Specific Testing Guidelines column, in the tables of the formats that require it.

  5. Should you need any assistance while running the test, you may reach out to us via the publisher form by choosing "Assistance Required" with a subject line briefly explaining the issue, while a detailed issue should be explained in the description.

  6. Once the tests are completed, please share the test results including the list of tested sites and ad formats via the publisher form, by choosing "Submit Test Results" and filling out the other fields accordingly. We will update our records to indicate that your site is certified to run the specific ad format. This will be reflected in our "Media Plan Evaluation" service confirming certified sites for advertisers and agencies.

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